Dr. Thay Joe Tan

Visionary Thought Leader on Pain Elimination

Dr Thay Joe Tan - TurboAcupuncture

There is no more worth rewarding for a doctor but to see his patient being released from pain... - Dr. Tan

Dr. Thay Joe Tan, MD PhD DMD is a Multiple International Award-Winning Acupuncture Expert On Instant Pain Elimination. He is the Founder of TurboAcupuncture® for Instant Pain Elimination and the Founder and Director of one of Europe’s largest physician-led practices for acupuncture based in Stuttgart, Germany, which has been awarded Pain Elimination and Global Doctor Training Center of the Year 2019.

Dr Thay Joe Tan - TurboAcupuncture

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Dr. Tan is the Originated of the T.A.N. (TurboAcupuncture® Navigation) system, which leads like a GPS from the location of pain step by step to THE one TurboAcupuncture® point which will most likely eliminate the pain instantly.

His superpower is instant pain elimination using only one acupuncture point for which he received multiple international awards such as Acupuncture Specialist of the Year 2018, Instant Pain Elimination Expert of the Year 2019, Acupuncture Expert of the Year 2019 and Acupuncturist of the Year 2019.
TurboAcupuncture Masterclass
This skill elevates Dr. Thay Joe Tan to the forefront as THE Leading Authority for Instant Pain Elimination and predestines him to be the Key Opinion Leader in Pain Therapy.

Dr. Tan is also an author, international trainer and speaker. His expertise has been valued at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, United Nations Headquarters, a US Military Hospital and by audiences of over 1200 people.

He is a Council Member of the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative® and the National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers®.
Dr. Tan is also an exceptionally gifted, passionate and enthusiastic teacher, who instructs doctors and other health professionals around the globe in ONE weekend how to eliminate pain instantly with just ONE needle. His TurboAcupuncture® Certification Masterclass has been awarded Acupuncture Seminar of the Year 2019.

Among his students are Medical and Naturopathic Doctors, as well as far advanced acupuncturists with decades of experience. He even shared his knowledge with Chinese Doctors and Professors, who all experience their WOW moment when they suddenly discover the simplicity, beauty and TRUE power of TurboAcupuncture®.
Furthermore, he helps therapists to quick start and grow their practice within 30 days or less. He supports hospitals worldwide to implement TurboAcupuncture® as THE New Gold Standard for Instant Pain Elimination. He also supports and conducts mission trips. Dr. Tan welcomes cooperation with Medical Universities and Health Political Influencers.

As a native German of Chinese origin trained in conventional Western medicine and dentistry as well as in Chinese medicine, Dr. Tan understands how to integrate the intelligent power and elegance of Chinese medicine into the setting of mainstream Western medicine.
Dr. Tan is the Host and Chairman of the 1st World Summit in TurboAcupuncture® for Instant Pain Elimination September 13-15, 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany and last September 28-29, 2019 in Los Angeles, USA.

Multiple International

Award-Winning Acupuncture Expert

On Instant Pain Elimination