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Introducing TurboAcupuncture®

The Global Solution To Pain

THE Revolutionary NEW Gold Standard In Pain Therapy

A Paradigm Shift In Medicine

If all doctors were trained in TurboAcupuncture® this weekend,
they would be able to eliminate pain instantly from Monday on,
so that most patients would not have to suffer from pain anymore.

Being Pain Free Is A Birthright!


“Painfree… Wow!™ – The Shortcut to Instant Pain Elimination”

from the Best Selling Book THE ONE BIG THING
(co-author Brian Tracy)

Meet Dr. Thay Joe Tan

Visionary Thought Leader on Pain Elimination

There is no more worth rewarding for a doctor but to see his patient being released from pain... - Dr. Tan

Dr. Thay Joe Tan, MD PhD DMD is a Multiple International Award-Winning Acupuncture Expert On Instant Pain Elimination. He is the Founder of TurboAcupuncture® for Instant Pain Elimination and the Founder and Director of ONE of Europe’s largest physician-led practices for acupuncture based in Stuttgart, Germany, which has been awarded Pain Elimination and Global Doctor Training Center of the Year 2019.

Dr. Tan is the Originated of the T.A.N. (TurboAcupuncture® Navigation) system, which leads like a GPS from the location of pain step by step to THE ONE TurboAcupuncture® point which will most likely eliminate the pain instantly.

His superpower is instant pain elimination using only ONE acupuncture point for which he received multiple international awards such as Acupuncture Specialist of the Year 2018,

As featured in:
Acupuncture Specialist of the Year 2018
Acupuncture Specialist of the Year 2018
Acupuncture Expert of the Year 2019
Instant Pain Elimination Expert of the Year 2019
Pain Elimination and Global Doctor Training Center of the Year 2019
Acupuncturist of the Year 2019

This Is For ...

Everybody in Pain

Headache - including Migraine
and Trigeminal Neuralgia
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Nerve Pain
Muscular Pain
Bone Pain
Joint Pain
Abdominal Pain
Menstrual Pain
Genital Pain
Chronic Regional
Pain Syndrome (CRPS)


Medical (MD) of all Specialties,
including: Pain Specialists and
Interventional Pain Therapists
Naturopathic (ND)
Chinese, Oriental or other
Chiropractors (DC)
Osteopath (DO)
Acupuncturists (LAc, RAc)

Decision Makers
& Influencers in

Politics / Military
Medical Universities
Health Insurances
Health Education



Fact #1

The Challenge

Pain is one of mankind’s major health issues. That’s why all around the globe research is being conducted to find out the origin of pain, how it develops and how it can be treated. 

In the way mainstream Western medicine understands and treats pain, worldwide hundreds of millions of people are left with and in pain. In the United States alone, there are 80 million patients suffering from chronic pain, that’s the entire population of Germany.

Number of Pain Patients:


Fact #2

Chinese Medicine - TurboAcupuncture

The Solution

The question of how pain develops and how it can be treated, was answered some 4500 years ago according to classical Chinese medical literature. So actually, there is no need anymore to do any research about this.
According to Dr. Thay Joe Tan, establishing TurboAcupuncture® for instant pain elimination as first line treatment in pain therapy would release 19 out of 20 patients from pain, typically within seconds, ideally with ONE needle.

Fact #3

Chinese Doctor Word

The Shortcut

Every doctor is able to acquire this unique skill of instant pain elimination in ONE weekend, as Dr. Thay Joe Tan has distilled the essence of his decades of experience in acupuncture and delivers it to his students on a silver platter.

The Difference

ONE Needle …
ONE Weekend …​

Bottom line:
Putting Fact #2 and Fact #3 together results in:
The difference between a patient with pain and the same patient without pain = ONE needle. 
And the difference between a doctor who can do this and a doctor who cannot = ONE weekend.
This close is mankind to pain no longer being an issue.
Because patients and doctors are unaware of these facts, hundreds of millions of patients continue to suffer from pain (see Fact #1).

Too Good To Be True?

Well, you can open your mind, believe it or not, and give it a try … and this I forecast: You will experience your miracle, whether you are the pain patient finding a certified TurboAcupuncture® practitioner close by, or you are the doctor practicing TurboAcupuncture®.

Or you can doubt it, distrust all the (video) testimonials about TurboAcupuncture® and nothing will change for you, which means you keep your pain, if you’re the patient or you keep underdelivering, if you are the doctor.
The Mind Contains All Possibilities.  ~ Zhuang Zi

What Doctors Say About TurboAcupuncture®

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"Thanks for all your encouragement. I was not worried about the TurboAcupuncture. I saw how effective and magical it is. I was more worried about getting myself out there and letting people know how I could help."
"I know TurboAcupuncuture will be the fire to light my new practice and get me so busy that I won't have time to promote myself anymore."
"Thank you very much for selecting the TurboAcupuncture points for my very first acupuncture patient. After the treatment she was immediately able to stand up on her own. She was so happy and so was I! She asked me, when she can have the next treatment."
"Being a former surgeon I was never before able to practice acupuncture."
"This is a game changer!"
"I still do TurboAcupuncture with great success. Thank you for being my teacher."
"I am also proud to be your student."
"In two weekends I learnt and understood more of TCM than in the past ten years!"
"I want to let you know that I am able to clear pain on the first session as you taught us. Thank you very much Thay Joe for sharing your great news with me."
"In two weekends I learnt and understood more of TCM than in the past ten years!"

What Patients Say About TurboAcupuncture®


“Painfree… Wow!™ – The Shortcut to Instant Pain Elimination”

from the Best Selling Book THE ONE BIG THING
(co-author Brian Tracy)